Hang Fu Chamber of Commerce in China

Hang Fu Chamber of Commerce in China


Hang Fu Chamber of Commerce is affiliated to Hang Fu Investment Co., Ltd in Shenzhen China. It is jointly initiated by more than 100 entrepreneurs, multi-investment companies and self-driving tour associations. It has successfully held more than 150 product invitations, project roadshows, and business introductions. The chamber has more than 20 resources for listed companies. Accurately manage the industry of the platform circle and connect with the referral business, and the landing amount has reached a value of nearly 100 million yuan. 

“Core Values of Chamber of Commerce”

“Contribute first, then gaining” = the more you contribute, the more blessings you will get. “Altruism is self-interest” = to achieve others is to achieve yourself “Integrity to win the world” = to strictly abide by professional ethics standards


“Hengfu Chamber of Commerce Business Sector”

1. On-site sales and investment promotion of roadshow products

2. Investors select start-ups and SMEs to invest on site

3. Hangfu Business School training for entrepreneurs management and sales courses

4. The Self-Driving Tour Association jointly operates an Internet celebrity base. The platform has more than 2,000 Internet celebrities to empower entrepreneurs, sell goods and promote branding

5. Private jet club, yacht club, golf club high-end resource docking

6. Create an education fund for poverty alleviation children, donate 1% of the membership fee per person per period


Hang Fu Chamber Licence, Management Members & Office