HK Family Office Community (HKFOC)

We are providing a private family office community for Hong Kong and Asia Family Office principals, next-gens, and executives. Our network is for business families…and driven by professional only. As a family office community, where ideas, best-practice, and experiences are shared, and lasting friendships are forged.

We invite new family office and business leaders in the Hong Kong Asia to join our community. We have one goal: to unite affluent families and support one another’s goals, aspirations, legacy, and growth. While there are other family office networks, we believe ours is the most exclusive because of our guiding principles, shared mission, and strict privacy requirements. 

All business founders, and CEO can through a network of entrepreneurs, HNWI and family offices for scouting capital partners, leaders, partnership, alternatives, and learning exchange. As a HKFOC, our guests are invited or by referral only. We will hold regularly private events or conference for a direct dialogue of different topic on health, wealth, real estate ,business, fintech, real estate, lifestyle, culture, family exchange,

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