Independent Insurance Broker

As a business owner, you probably have lots of standing questions, like:

  • If I get hurt or die, what happens to my business? My shareholder? or My family?
  • Do my suppliers and vendors feel confident that my business will offer continuous service or payment?
  • Can my Mandatory Provident Fund and employee benefit I envision?
  • How to protect my company and personal asset?

With so much on your mind, it’s nice to know that professional guidance is there for you. We offer expert guidance through our  insurance broker, who are in business for themselves as well.

Our insurance brokers can advise you about whatever is most important to your business. We’ll help develop a personalized financial plan with solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business, including:
  • Key man insurance and Director liability insurance
  • Fire Insurance , Properties and Mortgage Loan Insurance
  • Home Insurance, Shop and Office Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance, Credit Insurance, Employee All Risks
  • Travel Insurance, Domestic Helper Insurance, Car & Yacht Insurance