Our Partners


HWL International Holdings Ltd

As a member of an registered insurance brokerage (AI: FB1110) and MPF intermediary (IC000634) in Hong Kong, the company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct to ensure that the interests of clients are protected. Partnering with international insurance, banks, and MPF companies, we can meet the long-term and short-term financial needs of clients by providing the most appropriate corporate and individual services. Our scope of services includes: family fund planning, health insurance, retirement, life insurance, business insurance and Mandatory Pension Fund (MPF).

H.W. Leung & Company

H.W. LEUNG & COMPANY (founded in 1997) is committed to providing company registration, accounting, taxation, company secretary, financial advisory to corporate clients. we have established a good relationship with banks to set up a corporate bank account, and assist SME in preparing relevant documents required for bank account opening. Assist clients in arranging suitable loans to solve their cash flow problems. Assisting them corporate governor and pre-IPO  in Hong Kong financial market by coalition of the listing team, and assist in choosing the best time for listing

HWL Lifestyle Information Ltd.

the company holds a license of Trust and Company Secretarial Service Provider to provide company trust and secretarial services in Hong Kong include: 


  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Local Bank Account Opening
  • Registered office address
  • Directorship Services
  • Annual & Tax Return 
  • Winding up / De-registration 
  • KCY & AML Services


Simon Choy & Co.

Simon Choy & Co. is a Certified Public Accountant firm in Hong Kong since 1986. It is committed to maintaining the highest standards of industry codes and ensuring that the interests of clients are the basis. With our professional services and rigorous internal management, and meet the financial and tax needs of each corporate client. Providing the most appropriate accounting and company services, includes: audit services, bookkeeping, accounting, secretarial services, taxation, liquidation.

Simmonds Private Office & Co.

Simmonds Private Office & Co. is a Luxury Lifestyle Wealth Management Office to provide wealth management resources and lifestyle concierge for the HNWI and family offices in Hong Kong, and Asia cities. Many business founders, CEO, CFO or professional investors can through this private network to scout co-investors, capital partners, business leaders, Real Estate experts, bankers and technology experts to assist HNWI family in reaching solutions to family wealth, legacy and lifestyles concierge.

Caputo & Partners AG

Caputo & Partners AG is an international Swiss Banking lawyers firm, providing the following values to successful entrepreneurs and high-end clients from all over the world:


  • Help HNW to open bank accounts
  • Banking and Taxation Compliance
  •  International banking transactions
  • International tax saving lawyer 
  • International Investment solution 
  • Asset escort & privacy protection