Our Profile

Our Background

HWL International Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong-based CPA & Private Wealth Management Group Company founded in 1999 with interests across three core business pillars – Corporate Services, Financial Services and Private Wealth Office. We have demonstrated a strong track record of success and has created a long-term sustainable network in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, USA and Europe across its business in these countries. 


We have a professional team, including entrepreneurs, investors, technology experts, banking and immigration lawyer, private bankers and family office experts. My teams have helped our clients to create a life of financial freedom and privacy protection.


Our Visions
  • Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Profitable Investors
  • Healthy Wealthy Families

Our Values
  • Clients-oriented 
  • Integrity & Professional
  • Relationship oriented


Our Missions
  • A caring  attitude
  • A trusted partner
  •  A good reputation


Our Philosophy
  • Profit to shareholders 
  • Benefits to partners 
  • Sharing with staff